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Get whiter teeth today!

Teeth Whitening

So you’re thinking about getting your teeth whitened, and want to know the actual process? This article is for you. It gives you some important information about the best teeth whitening products and systems. It gets a little technical and detailed, so at times, you might feel you’re reading Japanese. But if you stick with it you will learn valuable knowledge about the best teeth whitening kits.

First, let’s look at the parts of the teeth – how they’re made and what they’re made up of.

best teeth whitening productsThe enamel is the outermost layer of the teeth. It’s what you and everyone sees. This thin layer of the tooth forms a wrap over the crown of the tooth. The dentin follows the enamel. This is something that isn’t hard and is similar to the enamel. It’s not as shiny though and while there’s a white look to the enamel, the dentin looks different. Extrinsic tooth stains will form in the tooth’s enamel most of the time while intrinsic stains will occur in the dentin of the teeth.

The tooth enamel is mineralized and is a hard part of the tooth and is derived of rod-like materials. These rods are crystalline materials and are tightly packed with microscopic gaps in them. The density of these crystalline rods is going to be different from person to person and this is one of the reasons why some teeth enamel is going to be stronger than other tooth enamel. However, we all are born with enamel that is white and bright. Permanent enamel is also white when it comes in.

However, daily wear and tear on the teeth can cause debris to accumulate, and debris can also get in these gaps causing stains and discoloration to occur. Anything that is put in the mouth can leave a mark on the film that covers the teeth which begins in the pores of these rods. Daily brushing can keep stains at bay but it won’t eliminate all of the debris in these gaps. Over time, this accumulation of debris can form on top of each other and this is going to cause stains.

One of the good things about staining agents is that they work on the pores and the rods and they help free your teeth from staining through oxidation reactions. This is when two different whitening agents are going to be used; peroxide is used in bleaching agents for a number of reasons and then a milder form of carbamide peroxide.

Even though peroxide is used in several of the bleaching agents used in dental practices, it is safe enough to be used in many at home teeth whitening kits as long as you don’t suffer with sensitive teeth and gums. There are a number of the best teeth whitening products that are going to contain Carbamide peroxide which are milder than typical bleaching agents.

However, dentin is what stains as well. There are a number of stains that can get inside the dentin when left untreated and can show through the teeth’s enamel. There are several factors that can get through enamel and can get to the cracks in the dentin which can cause trauma to the teeth as well as grinding, aging, accidents and more. Blood leeching is another thing that can lead to staining in the teeth.

While extrinsic stains are a lot easier to remove, intrinsic stains are often going to need professional help. However, the procedures are going to be the same to remove both stains. By using bleaching agents found in many of the best teeth whitening systems for an extended period of time, both types of stains can be removed from your teeth. So using the best teeth whiteners with consistency, can give the same results as going to the dentist, but much more inexpensively.